What is Cedefop?

Founded in 1975 and based in Greece since 1995, The Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) is an agency of the European Union. Acknowledged as an authoritative source of information and expertise on vocational education and training (VET), skills and competences, its mission is to support European VET policy development and contribute to its implementation.

What is Refernet?

Refernet is Cedefop's European network for VET. As from 2002, ReferNet is an important reporting network in Europa (besides its role of a documentary network) for the latest developments of vocational education and training in the member states. ReferNet comprises a national consortium in each member state made up of organisations representative of vocational education and training institutions. Each consortium is led by a national referee responsible for constructing the consortium and ensuring the networks' tasks are performed. The network brings together organisations with common interests in the development of vocational education and training and learning. It encourages mutual exchanges of information and promotes the creation of partnerships. It provides members of the consortium with an opportunity to broaden their contacts with other international organisations within and outside Europe.


ReferNet contributes to the development of a concerted approach to research. Through mutual exchanges, it provides greater transparency, synergy and dissemination of national and European vocational education and training research.

At the request of CEDEFOP, Refernet members produce several reports including the Policy Report and the VET in Country Report, two major publications who participate in the CEDEFOP’s collaboration process.

The network’s activities also include collecting information and updating the online database VET-Bib  who provides references about Vocational Education and Training in Europe.