Vocational Education january 2015The challenges of the 21st century require new approaches to learning for work. Vocational education and training (VET) in Europe is evolving, but we need a clearer vision of what modern VET systems should look like. This was the central message of Cedefop Director James Calleja’s presentation to the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) Committee, in Brussels on 29 January.

This year marks Cedefop’s 40th anniversary. Citing its theme, Old roots to new routes, Mr Calleja said: ‘The old roots of established European VET systems must provide new routes - pathways, options and opportunities - to jobs and careers. VET has long-established roots in many European Union Member States. These roots nurture skills that grow into qualifications that sustain transition to work and further career development. But those old roots need to provide new routes and new ways for people to update their skills and gain new qualifications to find work, build rewarding careers and enjoy quality of life. Modern VET systems also need to provide new routes for enterprises to develop skills for economic excellence and competitive performance.’

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