Skill related labour marketA newly-published European Parliament study of labour market shortages in the European Union cites extensively Cedefop's work on skill mismatch and forecasts.

The study gives an overview of labour shortages, looking at their types and causes, their occurrence and possible measures to counter them.

It has found no overall quantitative shortages at EU level. However, it has detected qualitative shortages - where labour demand and labour supply are roughly balanced, but a large share of unfilled vacancies and a
high unemployment rate exist simultaneously - in several regions, sectors, occupations and Member States.

Employers and Member States are the prime actors to deal with labour shortages effectively, e.g. through bringing more people into the labour market, attracting workers from abroad, training the (un)employed etc. The EU can play an important supporting role through its influence on intra-EU mobility, by increasing labour market transparency and by using structural funds as supportive frameworks.

You can read and download the study here.