AEPROA new project on providing training to adult education staff is gaining popularity among younger trainers and teachers across Europe.

The European Adult Education (Young) Professionals Learning Platform (AE-PRO) aims to “increase the knowledge of staff about European and national developments in adult education”.

Approximately a month after its first introductory webinar on 14 April the website has more than 1400 registered users.

AE-PRO’s first web event was attended by 150 online users from across Europe and their second online session, which took place in mid-May, had over 100 participants. Currently more than 200 people have watched the recordings of these sessions and took part in the assignments.

According to AE-PRO’s creators the project is designed to tackle three major issues:

Younger staff in adult education are not as knowledgeable about European developments and innovations as their more senior counterparts, because they have fewer opportunities to participate in European events and activities;
A large portion of adult education staff do not have formal training in adult education;
Adult learning staff do not fully utilise and coordinate Grundtvig mobilities which provide opportunities for the professional development and training.

The session on 26 May will focus on 'Civil society and life-long learning' where representatives of various European stakeholders will give a detailed overview of their work (EUCIS-LLL, OBESSU, European Youth Forum, ETUCE).

You can find more information about the project here.

Source EPALE