EngagingSMEsinapprenticeshipsCedefop is organising a conference addressed to a wide range of stakeholders with a role in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in increasing their apprenticeship offer (9-10 November, Thessaloniki).
This initiative is part of Cedefop’s support to the European alliance for apprenticeships, which aims to strengthen supply of apprenticeships and improve their quality and image. It is one of a series of Cedefop conferences to enable interaction, cross-country dialogue and experience-sharing among relevant stakeholders for apprenticeships, all focused on supporting bilateral/multilateral cooperation for apprenticeship boost and modernisation. The first conference of this type was organised in May 2014. This year’s event will discuss how SMEs can be better engaged in apprenticeships, and give an opportunity to participants to network and to explore areas and ideas for cooperation on how to assist SMEs in the provision of apprenticeships, in particular those which have not trained apprentices before.

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