The French-speaking professional training system  in  Brussels  significantly improves  the opportunities  for the professional integration of  participants, in  particular  with  respect  to vocational training. The  possible  impact  of this  –  particularly as  a  second chance  for young people  with  the  lowest qualifications  –  is, however, limited by the  recruitment practices  of companies. While they generally favour  those who have  undergone  vocational  training, other criteria are taken  into consideration  when there  is  a shortage  of  job vacancies. The most vulnerable   youth  benefit  less   from  their  vocational training,  especially  in  terms  of  job  stabilisation.  It therefore  seems   necessary  to  combine  economic development  and  the  safeguarding  of  educational pathways  in  order  to  take  action  against  unemployment in Brussels.

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