Qualifications frameworks in Europe 2017 developmentsAbstract

As countries across Europe are pushing ahead with their national qualifications frameworks (NQFs), the question of the frameworks’ added value and contribution to policies and practices is taking centre stage. While every NQF is unique, being organically woven into the fabric of a country’s education and training system, the frameworks share many features. They are based on learning outcomes, support consistency of qualifications, and bring together stakeholders from across the board.
Since its inception in 2008, the European qualifications framework (EQF) has been the common reference tool bringing European countries’ NQFs together. The recently revised EQF Council recommendation encourages the trend towards comprehensive frameworks which include qualifications of all types and levels, awarded by different bodies and subsystems. It also addresses the question of their impact, stressing the need to make their contribution to lifelong learning, employability, mobility and social integration more visible to end-users.

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