Teachers an trainers 2022 Abstract

In Belgium, VET teachers and trainers work in various systems: compulsory education, higher education, adult education programmes, dual education programmes and vocational training organised by public authorities for jobseekers, employees and the self-employed. This offer covers initial (IVET) and continuing education and training (CVET). Actors competent in VET areas located in the three Regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels-Capital) and the three Communities (Flemish Community, French Community and German-speaking Community) manage the offer.

Even though CVET operators are providing IVET opportunities for adult learners (18+) in various sectors (i.e. preparatory courses for further vocational training and basic vocational training), this article focuses on teachers and trainers in compulsory education (for learners up to 18 years old). Information on teachers and trainers from CVET operators developing IVET dynamics is available in Annex 1...

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Source Cedefop