refernetsavethedate.jpgThe presentations of the Closing event of the “ReferNet” assignment, coordinated by Bruxelles Formation (2012-2015) are now available :

– Strategy 2015-2020: Vocational Education and Training — Priorities— European Alliance for Apprenticeships By Norbert Schöbel, DG Employment (EC), Team leader, Vocational training and adult education

- Work-based learning Role of ReferNet in the next monitoring exercise. By Antonio Ranieri, Head of Department for Learning and Employability

- Situation in Belgium, key stakes and news in the Regions and Communities By Thomas Lemaigre, Department of ISIS-DIES scrlfs, Researcher, instructor, journalist, translator.

- Point of view of employers What role must the company (SME) pay to develop an attractive apprenticeship offer? What measures are needed? By Liliane Volozinskis, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME), Director of social affairs and training policies

- Point of view of employees Work-based learning: What conditions are necessary for success? What are the attainments? By Agnès Roman, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), advisor for life-long learning policies

Click here to download the FR Summary Report drawn up by Manu De Loeul, coordinated by Léa Champagne

Click here to download the EN Summary Report drawn up by Manu De Loeul, coordinated by Léa Champagne

Cliick here to watch the videos :

Rencontre avec des jeunes formés en alternance = Ontmoeting met alternerend gevormd jongeren = Meeting with young alternately formed

Rencontre avec les entreprises = Ontmoeting met bedrijven = Meeting with companies